Field Resources

Looking to start your journey of exploring the wild? Here we have compiled a collection of resources to help you in your pursuits, whether it be species checklists for species you may expect to find here in Katy, safety advice, or more!

Species Checklists

Interested in the species you can expect to find in Katy? Check out these species checklists to help you get an idea or to keep track of species that you find!


Notice: Our checklists are by no means complete and may be missing species or contain extraneous species. It is difficult to create a comprehensive list of all species found in a geographical area; however, we attempted to do so by analyzing distribution maps of species found in Harris County. If there is a species you believe is missing from the list, feel free to contact us!


Here you can find general advice for your wildlife exploration, including safety advice, etiquette, general identification tips, and more.